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Among them e-commerce, listing, dynamic sites and even multi-vendor marketplaces.


Web design is a creative process, which requires dedication, persistence, lots of hard work, structure and experience in working with contemporary technology. It’s all about giving life to an idea in a visually engaging, yet intuitive and functional way.

Every project is special. Every client and business have their unique requirements, challenges and ideas. This is why I approach each project with open mind with regards to its design. 

I always build custom websites starting from a blank slate. No ready templates, no shortcuts. Everything is built with the powerful Elementor.

Below you will see many examples of my style, which is easily recognizable. In the years I have been doing web design I have created more than 60 websites, some of which, unfortunately, have ceased to exist since the people who ordered them have discontinued supporting and developing their business ideas.

Must see projects

iPhone 12 Pro Landing Page

and some of the others...

The time for completion of a project is specific to the details, but in general static sites can be completed in under 15-20 design hours, e-commerce sites vary from 30 hours upwards depending on the complexity of designs and dynamic platforms take the longest. Design work costs 40 euro/hour and you will get your estimate offer upon telling me about your project. 

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