i'm not creating websites.
I create brand image online.

We all sell lifestyle and solutions.

my vision

//human behavior and psychology

You sell the experience of using a product, not the product itself. If you sell a service you sell the solution to someone’s problem. Or you sell them the lifestyle they will enjoy with your product/service. 

my vision

To inspire with my creations.

my mission

To create stunning visual designs that make you feel optimistic. 

You have to believe in what you do.

About me

//info and background

I love good design in all of its forms. It may be simple or intricate, it may be online, on paper, product or object. Art in all of its forms draws my attention and I am passionate to express it myself.

This is my freelance webdesign site, which has a more progressive look, but I also own Behub, which operates under the agency model.



& Knowledge

I have been doing design and sales all my professional career. However, what has really given me an edge in understanding marketing better is the knowledge of human psychology. 

You hire me for my knowledge, the web design skills are just a bonus.