The state of the web design market is changing fast and it is evident in Bulgaria. Here are some of my thoughts on what’s happening in the domestic market for websites for small business owners.

When you work in web design as an agency or a freelancer you fast come to the realization that in Bulgaria and probably around the world there is this expectation that you can have a super high end website for minimum pay. This is probably due to the mass market penetration of companies like and that offer you a “stunning website” for only a minimum $ pay.

While that’s true in some sense, it’s not exactly the whole truth. Those are closed ecosystems, which at first glance offer you something super nice at a fraction of the cost of the streamline web development. However, there are a lot of hidden costs. You can’t fully customize any of those sites. They are on the principle of take it or leave it. You get a template and you can bang your head in the wall for three days and be able to make minor changes in it.

Yes, today we all use the open source software of WordPress.ORG (which is the underlying technology that the wordpress.COM use). Creating websites with WordPress doesn’t mean it happens with a magic wand and with a few mouse clicks and can be ready in a minute or two. Potential clients in Bulgaria today expect to have a stunning website for 500-700 bgn, which is about 300-400$. While that may be true in some cases, in most IT ISN’T.

When you want to have something great, with all the fine details, to be properly responsive, to have all the visuals working correctly on all devices to have all the nice and subtle effects like headline animations, parallax effects ,etc, etc. you need somebody to spend quite a lot of time even on a ready template. Once you get a template and you start breaking it apart and customizing it, it may take days and weeks to get a real good website. It’s mentally intensive work where your brain is constantly working on several elements and even when you “feel in the zone” it takes full working days to get to the result which is really pleasing to the eye. In order to be fully devoted to creating quality websites, we as web designers, cannot sustain ourselves on 500 bgn websites. The math doesn’t just add up. The work involved in creating in a single website is just a lot more than 500 bgn is worth. The time it takes us to do it thoroughly and mind all the details is a lot, lot more. Not to mention how much knowledge, specific skills and preparation you need to be able to perform at top level, fast and efficient.

Great websites are not cheap and they shouldn’t be. That’s the f’in bottomline. If you want good web designers that can work professionally and be responsive to all your needs, that’s the way it should be. Otherwise, you can hire an outsourced developer from India that will always say “yes, sir, we can do it” and never deliver quality.

In addition, if you’re planning on running a business and you want to make lots of money out of your website, isn’t it a quality website an investment? Yes it is. It will save you a lot more down the road. It’s as simple as that.

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