Sometimes it’s a lot better to work for free. Why?

Today, everybody wants to have a website. They run a small or a medium business, they have an idea and what not. Cool. That’s great. They don’t want to invest in it, however. They all say – I can do it myself. But you can’t and you don’t. If you could, you would have done it. And they want to pay you super small amounts.

That’s why it’s a lot better to work completely for free. For a cause that’s close to your heart. Because it’s a lot more satisfying to create an amazing website for somebody that would really appreciate it for free, instead of create something for a “businessman”. The quotes, of course, are intentional because if you were really a businessman you would recognize the need to invest in all the proper places, not cut corners.

The last project I volunteered for is “The 1500 Dog Gang”. It’s an amazing website created for a dog shelter and the people that help run it and popularize adoption in Bulgaria. A website like this would easily cost 2000 bgn and would be well worth it. But I am super glad to have done it for free instead of create a website for “an entrepreneur” for 500 bgn.. Screw it.

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